Why Your Facebook Ads Are Getting Banned


Facebook is notorious for banning ad accounts, especially brand new ones.

This doesn’t mean it’s not worth bothering with Facebook. As long as you know what Facebook does and doesn’t like, and what to avoid in your Facebook ads, you don’t need to worry.

In this video, filmed at a Titanium Mastermind in Phuket, Thailand, Mike Hill reveals the most common reasons for Facebook banning ad accounts, and how to avoid it happening to you.


If your ad includes outlandish claims at all, don’t be surprised if Facebook shuts it down. Whether it’s about getting rich quick, or a miracle diet plan for rapid weight loss, Facebook is strongly against false promises.

Bad ad copy that’s riddled with spelling mistakes will get your ad disapproved. As will bad ad images – piles of money, shocking images and the like.

Your landing page and your website should be clear about what you’re offering. A squeeze page that asks for an email address, but is not transparent about what’s being offered in exchange, is not going to wash with Facebook.

Especially if you appear to be offering a business model but hiding the details of what the business model involves, you’ll be on the fast track to a Facebook ban.

Staying on the topic of the landing page, make sure the legal requirements are there – terms and conditions and privacy policy. If you have a video, don’t make it play automatically, because Facebook doesn’t like this.

Always avoid direct affiliate links on Facebook. Many of these sites are banned and blacklisted already, and advertising them is like catching a disease.


Sometimes Facebook bans can arise for reasons outside of the ad itself.

Facebook wants to know you are a real business and you know what you’re doing. If you appeal your ban by asking “what did I do wrong?,” you are sending Facebook the impression that you are amateur and incompetent. That’s not going to help your case.

Be very careful when opening a new ad account after being banned once. Especially if you use the same credit card, Facebook can easily tell it’s the same person and they will often ban your new account as well.

If your ads receive a lot of bad feedback from users, it can also lead to a ban or at least a disapproval of the ad.

Finally, it may go without saying, but don’t try to game the system. If Facebook can see you have made repeated violations, they won’t hesitate to ban you.


In the copy of your ad, avoid words such as “wealth”, “cash”, “money”, “success”, “guaranteed”, “earned”. If you’re selling a business product, talk about the lifestyle it can afford your customer, rather than talking directly about money. Be creative.

Sometimes Facebook bans ads for seemingly no reason. Even if you have carefully read the guidelines and trying to stay within them, you’re never immune from being banned.

As with anything in business, be prepared for the worst case scenario and always have a backup plan.

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