Why Internet Marketing is Dead

If you call yourself an internet marketer, stop it.

Whether you realize it or not, your skills in internet marketing are applicable off of the internet as well. Why would you limit yourself and sell yourself short?

Instead of being an internet marketer, just be a marketer who happens to use the internet.

In this video, filmed at the Super Charge Summit in Las Vegas, T.J. Rohleder and Chris Lakey explain why internet marketing is dead.


You should stop thinking in terms of internet marketing and start thinking in terms of marketing. While mediums may come and go, marketing will always be alive and well.

The internet is just one vehicle to attract customers, but it’s not the only one. You’ve also got direct mail, face-to-face marketing and traditional media.

Why limit yourself to just that one vehicle? You can use other methods as well. In their business, T.J Rohleder and Chris Lakey use direct mail as their primary vehicle. They use the internet as well, but it’s not their primary vehicle.


Often, people approach T.J. or Chris at events, and say, “You’re the direct mail guy.”

However, they don’t consider themselves direct mail marketers. They just consider themselves marketers. They know that the same direct-response marketing skills are applicable to many different mediums, and they just happen to be using direct mail at the present moment.

Marketers were using the same direct-response marketing principles before the internet even came around. They had no idea the internet was coming. Maybe something will come along 5 years from now and totally replace the internet.

Don’t get boxed in to one way of thinking by labeling yourself as an internet marketer. By doing that, you’re selling yourself short. All labels are limiting.

At the end of the day, your skills are in attracting leads, turning them into buyers and building a relationship. Those same skills translate on and off of the internet.

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