Why Every Video Must Have a Core Concept

When you film videos, don’t just start talking about whatever pops into your head and ramble about a whole series of unrelated ideas in one video.

You’ll get best results when you plan in advance and structure each video around a solid core concept.

Not only will you get better engagement, but you’ll be less tempted to procrastinate about filming the video, and your videos will get better rankings in the YouTube search results.

In this video, filmed at the Diamond Mastermind in Bali, Indonesia, Norbert Orlewicz talks about the importance of a core concept in video marketing.


To find the core concept for your video, start brainstorming. Make a list of different themes and topics before you start filming.

For each theme or topic, think about the following questions. Why are you recording the video, what will it do for the viewer and what’s in it for them.

Then, when you do start filming, you will already have a list of topics to choose from, and each has a solid purpose behind it.

If you don’t do this, the time will come to start filming and you’ll procrastinate. You’ll spend hours wondering what to record, and you’ll come up with a bunch of excuses. You don’t have enough time, you don’t look your best to be on camera, or most likely, you don’t know what to talk about.


If you want to rank your videos on YouTube or Google, and use them to get traffic, you will need to think about keywords.

Don’t just come up with random keywords. To be effective, the keywords must match what people type into a search engine when looking for information.

For example, if your video is about setting up a WordPress site, go to Google and start typing in what you think people would search for. You will find that Google gives you suggestions such as “set up wordpress,” “set up wordpress site,” and “set up wordpress blog.”

Here’s a tip. YouTube listens to the audio of your video when ranking it in the search results. They can transcribe the video and pull out the words you are saying. For this reason, if you are aiming to rank for a keyword, say that keyword in the first 10–20 seconds of your video and the last 10–20 seconds.

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