We’ve Likely Never Met: But I Bet You Do This

Chances are we’ve never met in person. But I bet I can make a guess about you …

… if you spend any amount of time at your computer, trying to figure this ‘online marketing thing’ out, you have periods of hours that go by where you get very little to nothing done.

(And don’t worry—you’re far from alone.)

You know what I’m talking about. It’s those sessions where you sit down, and you’re in reactive mode.

You get an email from a guru. You click the link they sent you, next thing you’re watching a 40 minute video on their next launch.

The Skype ‘dooloop!’ sound is going off every 5 minutes, and you’re checking who’s messaging you, and always responding back right away.

Someone likes your post on Facebook, and you go and check out their photos and what they’re doing.

All of this behavior is based in ‘reaction’ mode.

It feels like you’re getting something done, because you’re ‘busy.’

But there’s a difference between being busy, and being productive.

Busyness / reactiveness is caused by that more primitive reptile part of our brain—the part which kept us alive tens of thousands of years ago.

In today’s world, while still obviously needed for basic survival, it can be a hindrance to getting the important things in your business done.

So how you put an end to it?

I’ll give you a little trick I use from time to time:

I go into a spare room I have, which is bare of distractions. There’s a desk and chair, but not much else. There’s no even any windows.

There’s no wifi. Even if I want to check Facebook, I can’t. To do that I have to physically stand up and go out of the room. So I’m able to catch myself getting distracted and refocus.

And no one can get to me.

I take a timer in there with me (just use your iPhone for this if you don’t have one.)

I set that timer for 1 hour—no less, and no more.

I turn it on, and then I just focus on one task.

It’s much, much harder than you might think.

Very few people know how to work productively, and it’s just so incredibly tempting to fall back into ‘reactive’ mode and go down a path of clicking on whatever grabs their attention.

Once that hour is up, take your break.

Don’t skip the break and keep working—even if you feel like you can.

Take that break, for at least 5-10 minutes. Get a drink, walk around.

Then come back to your desk, and turn the timer back on for another 1 hour.

Do 4 of these 1 hour blocks of work in a day … and you’ll get more done this way than you used to in a typical 8 hour day—seriously.

Now the next question you might ask is, “What kind of stuff should I actually be working on?”

That really depends what your business is, but, a good rule of thumb is, “Will this work pay me dividends for a long period of time, or does it just have a one-off reward?”

I’ll show you what I mean.

Check out this video on YouTube, and look at how many views it’s got.



That’s a lot of views!

It’s been just over 1 year since I uploaded that. It will be up for another few decades, so who knows how many views it will rack up in its life time—hopefully over a million.

Every time people find that video on YouTube, a % of them will read the description, click the links, and become leads. And some of those will become customers.

That video is bringing me business on autopilot.

The work I put into preparing and delivering that content (which might have tool several hours) was very leveraged work.

That’s the kind of work I like doing.

And that’s the kind of work you should be focusing on.

Some more examples:

You might write an email auto-responder series …

You might start working towards creating your first product.

You might create a sales webinar, or a sales letter.

These are one time jobs that will keep paying off when done right.

Your new motto should be, “I do the work once … and get paid forever.”

To this day, I’m still getting paid off of products I did in 2011.

I remember making those products. For 8 days straight I was doing a webinar a night.

And I was preparing the content for the 8 hours leading up to that night’s webinar—talk about pressure!

Then after I’d done the webinar, I’d start the next day’s content to get a head start.

They weren’t perfect. But I’ve learned that often, ‘good enough’ is good enough. At least it gets done.

While you’re sitting at your desk with the timer on, with Facebook and email turned off, and focusing on leveraged work it’s going to be hard.

You’ll want to slip into reactive mode again. But just tell yourself you can do that in 1 hour.

For now, you have to concentrate on the task at hand until that timer gets to 0:00

Even if you do just 1 of these a day, your productivity (and your business) will reach a whole new level.


P.S. Some of you might still say, “But Matt, what about all the necessary admin stuff that I need to do in my business—I still need to do that, but it doesn’t pay well …”

To you I say, get someone else to do it for you. Learn to outsource those parts of your business. That’s exactly what I’ve done in MOBE. If you’d like to know how I find good people who will work for reasonable prices, I show you HERE.