Want to Create the Next Facebook?

Facebook is worth over $200 billion. Yet, if someone had never heard of it, they’d wonder what the excitement is about.

After all, if you go to Facebook’s website, there’s next to nothing there. It’s just an opt-in page that asks for contact information. Can that really be worth over $200 billion?

The real value of Facebook is not in the website but in the database (or list) of users.

This is the secret to Facebook’s success. Paul O’Mahony explains more in this video, filmed at the Traffic Summit during the Titanium Mastermind in the Dominican Republic.


If you want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg and create the next big website, it starts with recognizing that the value has nothing to do with the website itself.

The value is in the database of Facebook users and the information that Facebook accumulates about them. After all, Facebook makes its money by selling this information to marketers.

You too can start a business from your bedroom and build it to a million dollars a year in revenue, or whatever target you set for yourself. A million dollars a year equals approximately $84,000 a month.

How do you reach this target? By building a database that’s worth $84,000 a month.


For an average business, the average value of each person in a database is $1 per month.

Once you know the average customer value for your business, you no longer need to wish and hope. You have a real science to hitting a million dollars a year, or whatever your target is.

Assuming a customer value of $1 per month, then to make a million dollars a year, you must maintain 84,000 people in your database every month. If you only need to make $10,000 a month, you must maintain 10,000 people in your database.

Plus, if you know how to use social media to get traffic, finding this many people is not an issue. You can target any age group you want and you can target only people who have spent money if you choose to.

Once you understand the value of a database, you can set any target you want and hit it.

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