Until They Buy or Until They Die

How long should you keep following up with your leads?

Until they buy or until they die.

Not until it looks like it’s not working.

To start seeing results in your new business, you have to have the attitude that you’re never going to give up. No matter how conclusive the signs may be that nothing is working.

In this video, I show you some examples of people who were closer to success than they even realized. It may make you think twice about concluding your failure.


Have you ever seen the cartoon of the two miners searching for diamonds? The first one hasn’t seen any sign of diamonds, but continues to chip away. The other has been chipping away for much longer, and gives up out of frustration, not knowing that he was extremely close to reaching the diamonds.

A lot of beginner marketers are like this with their lead follow up. They get into the habit of sending an email every day, and they continue for a few weeks. Then they stop, because they’ve seen no signs that it’s working at all, and decide it’s not worth it.

How do they know that just one more email wouldn’t have made them their first sale?

You never know how close you could be to a big sale.


Dale Bundy had a list of 4,000 subscribers. It was not a responsive list. He would usually get a 5% open rate. The list had never made him more than a few hundred dollars a month, and that was on a good month.

One day, he decides to send out an email to promote his front end offer. He knows his list is unresponsive and doesn’t expect a big result. Sure enough, he gets only one sale and makes $120.

However, the story does not end there. The $120 buyer eventually went on to buy more products, and Dale made a further $20,050 just from that one customer.

If he had decided not to send out that email, he would have lost out on $20,170 in revenue.

Even when the signs say that it’s not working, stay consistent and never give up. You never know whether there could be a big buyer lurking in your list, or when they might reveal themselves.

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