The Slight Edge

Whether it’s building a business, getting healthy or learning a new skill, what does it take to be successful?

It’s not superhuman effort or knowledge. Nor is it luck. Nor is it even taking “massive” action.

Success is actually about taking small actions.

In this video, filmed at the Platinum Mastermind in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Chris and Susan Beesley discuss how repeating simple little actions has given them a “slight edge” in business.


Jeff Olson wrote a book called The Slight Edge. The subject of this book is how simple little actions repeated consistently over a long time can have an unexpectedly powerful effect.

In Chris and Susan Beesley’s business, 1 in 2.2 front end buyers turn into back end buyers. It used to be only 1 back end buyer out of every 6–7 front end buyers.

To achieve this massive increase in conversions, you might think they implemented a radical big change to their sales and marketing process. But they didn’t. All they did was reach out to their buyers on a more frequent basis and built stronger relationships with them.

The cumulative power of those little emails, phone calls, text messages and social media contact has resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in extra sales for Chris and Susan’s business.


Another area in which Chris and Susan Beesley have implemented “the slight edge” is in video marketing. They’ve committed to shoot a video every day and send it out to their list.

Of course, they get busy. Some days, they might only have 10 minutes to spare. It would be tempting to decide they’ve run out of time and they’ll resume tomorrow. But they silence that temptation and recognize that 5 minutes is enough for a video.

Successful people have simple little disciplines. They have daily habits that they stick to, no matter what. It might be daily content creation, or daily follow up, or a daily exercise routine.

Unsuccessful people fail to recognize the tremendous power of these small actions. They believe that the small action is not enough to make a difference, so they either never start or they let themselves miss a lot of days.

Jim Rohn said, “What is easy to do is also easy not to do.” That’s what makes this challenging. It’s very easy to miss a day and you won’t notice any difference at first.

But the cumulative effect of many missed videos or follow up messages or exercise sessions over time will make a tremendous difference.

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