The Simple Formula Most Marketers Have Forgotten

Mike Dillard wrote a book called Magnetic Sponsoring in 2005, which introduced online marketing to marketers who had been using offline strategies.

In this book, he teaches a simple 3-step formula to online marketing that’s still relevant today.

Norbert Orlewicz learned this formula from reading the book, and he’s been teaching it for 8 years. Yet, he still finds that most marketers don’t know this basic formula.

In this video, filmed at the Traffic Summit during the Titanium Mastermind in the Dominican Republic, Norbert reveals the formula.


All of internet marketing can be condensed down to 3 steps:

1. Build your audience
2. Engage your audience
3. Sell to your audience

If you keep this 3-step formula in your mind and plan your marketing based on it, you will get results with online marketing and avoid all the distractions that will lead you down the wrong paths.


This 3-step formula is most useful when you implement the whole formula and nothing but the formula. This means you can’t skip a step.

A lot of people skip step 2. They build an audience and sell to their audience, but they do nothing to warm up that audience and create any rapport. As a result, their list is unresponsive and their sales efforts fall on deaf ears.

Some people skip step 1. They build someone else’s audience instead of their own. If you promote someone else’s brand, no one will know who you are. All of the successful marketers create their own brand, and that’s what you need to do in the long term.

You also need to complete the 3 steps in the right order. You can’t sell to someone who you haven’t first engaged, and you can’t create any engagement if you have no audience. Stick to the formula that works and it will bring you the results you seek.

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