The Science and Art of Creating an Irresistible Offer

You can’t get your business off to a fast start until you have an irresistible offer to the marketplace.

There is both a science and an art to creating an offer and making it irresistible. The art is difficult to teach, and you’ll need to use your own creativity. However, there are also some scientific rules to stick to when creating your offer.

Daegan Smith goes over some of them in this video, filmed at the Platinum Mastermind in Fiji.


Let’s say you’re putting together a $2,000 offer. Aim for a total value of ten times what you’re charging, which would be $20,000.

Break down the offer into its core elements and bonuses. 5 core elements and 4 bonuses is the ideal number. It’s enough that there’s a high perceived value, but not too many that it’s overwhelming.

Then, distribute the $20,000 valuation between each component.


When you assign a value, make sure that your audience can see the logic behind the valuation.

Explain it to them. For instance, one component of your offer might be worth $400. Explain that when they get it, they’ll learn how to triple every $100 that they make.

If your audience can see the logic behind your valuation, they’ll start to become nervous about the price of your offer. They’ll think to themselves, “I hope this doesn’t cost too much, but as long as it’s under X, I think I can afford it.”

Then, when you reveal your price, it’ll be much lower than they expect. That’s a great reaction to aim for and puts your customer in an ideal state to buy.

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