The Reason People Give Up Too Soon

If you know how to make $50, you can make $100. If you can make $100, you can make $1,000 and so on.

Unfortunately, it’s usually when people are just about to succeed that they give up.

For example, they’ve made a couple of small sales for a total of $50, and they consider it a failure because it’s so measly. And they never go on to make the $100 or the $1,000.

In this video, filmed at the Traffic Summit during the Titanium Mastermind, Paul O’Mahony talks about the reason people give up too soon.


In Paul O’Mahony’s opinion, people give up too soon because they’ve trained themselves to.

It’s a commonly known fact that New Year’s resolutions usually don’t last. When most people set themselves a New Year’s resolution, their subconscious mind already knows they’re probably going to fall back into their old patterns by January 5th or 6th.

In other words, people are setting targets and goals they have no intention of keeping. They’ve trained themselves to let themselves down.


If you can’t be trusted to keep your own goals, then stop thinking about yourself and switch your goals to be oriented around the people you care yourself.

You are used to letting yourself down, but hopefully, you’re not used to letting others down.

If your business goals are based around the people you’re affecting through the success (or lack of success) of your business, it gets you taking action. You will be less tempted to give up too soon.

Think about how the success of your business can improve the lives of your partner, your kids, your parents. Think about your friends and how they’ll want to know what you’re doing when they see you making more money.

When you’re doing your business for the people you care about, giving up will be the last thing on your mind.

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