The Fastest Way to Make a Lot of Sales

What’s the fastest way to make a lot of sales?

Selling to people individually can be very slow and time consuming. Each customer takes up a lot of your time. They have to think about it, do research, and you need to follow up with them along the way.

With the internet, you can sell to a lot more people in a shorter space of time. However, it’s typically more expensive because of the cost of marketing, and it’s more difficult to convert someone into a high ticket buyer without the personal connection.

John Lee knows of a way to make a lot of high ticket sales in a short space of time, without the downsides of the internet. In this video, filmed at the Titanium Mastermind in the Dominican Republic, he reveals what it is.


At a live event, you can have a lot of people in the room and you can sell to all of them at the same time, unlike when you sell one-to-one. There’s far more of a personal connection than there is online, so you can sell high ticket products.

You don’t need to know how to fill a room or be able to afford a venue. Other live event organizers are always looking for external speakers to speak at their events.

John Lee puts on events in London to crowds of 3,500 people, and he’s not the only speaker. As long as you have a good offer, some of them will be inspired enough to buy.

The only two things you need to make fast sales with live events is a qualified audience, which doesn’t even need to be your own, and a replicable sales presentation.


All of John’s large live events are free one-day events. If you’re going to be putting your own live events as a channel to make sales, he recommends to make them free rather than paid.

Of course, it’s harder to sell an event than to give it away for free. You’ll get more people in the room at a free event. As long as you have a qualified audience and a replicable sales presentation, you’ll cover your costs and make a profit from the sales you can make at the event.

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