The Difference Between Efficient and Effective

Being efficient is not the same as being effective.

If your activities are efficient but not effective, you’ll get a lot of “work” done but not achieve any results.

If your activities are effective but not efficient, you’ll get the results but they’ll take you longer than necessary.

You want to be both efficient and effective in your activities. Norbert Orlewicz gives you advice in this video, filmed at the Traffic Summit at the Titanium Mastermind in the Dominican Republic.


Many business owners are efficient in their activities, but not effective. Disappointingly, they do this often by following the advice given to them.

Some people will advise you to just blog every day and you’ll make money. This is horrible advice because it’s incomplete. You may feel like you’re getting things done, but it doesn’t mean they’ll bring any results to your business. You’re just keeping busy.

Some people will advise you to post 5 times a day to social media. Again, it’s horrible and incomplete advice. You’ll just be a rat on a treadmill, working hard but not getting anywhere.


Some business owners are effective, but not efficient. They’re doing the right things and getting some results.

They have a long term vision and marketing plan. This is not a 30 day game or a 90 day game. Norbert Orlewicz requires all his new students to commit for at least 12 months.

If you commit for 12 months, form a vision and a plan, and you still don’t make a dollar, then at least you’re learning and you’re on a good path. Your activities have been effective, but not efficient.

Efficiency comes with long term commitment. If you quit 6 months in, you’ll never see the fruits of your labor and it will all be for nothing. However, if you continue on the effective path, your hard work will start to add up and the results will start pouring in faster.

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