Success Could Be Just Around the Corner

When all the signs say that nothing you’re doing is working, don’t give up. The big breakthrough could be closer than you think.

Casey Edwards was building her network marketing business from Australia, but she knew she needed to expand her team to New Zealand.

She booked a room for 150 people to host a free event in New Zealand. She hired an international speaker to fly over from America. Then she ran an ad in the Auckland Herald to sign people up for her event.

Only one single person responded to the ad and signed up for her free event!

Instead of canceling the event, Casey followed through with the hope that things would turn around. Watch this video, filmed at the Titanium Mastermind in Costa Rica, to hear what happened next.


Things got worse. 3 days before her event, Casey phoned the man who had signed up to check he’d still be coming. There was no answer. She emailed him. Again, no answer.

Luckily, the man had given her the contact numbers of a few friends who he’d be bringing along.

Casey phoned the first contact number. The voice on the other end, before hanging up, said he didn’t even know the man who’d given her his number!

Casey started to become very worried. She had an international speaker fly over from the other side of the world, and it looked like not a single guest would be attending the event.

Her last chance was the second contact number she’d received. To Casey’s relief, he agreed to come along and bring his business partner.


The day of the event arrived. The international speaker walked into the giant ballroom to discover Casey had only two guests. He did the pitch for Casey’s network marketing deal, and attention turned towards the guest.

“We’ll do it,” they said. “We’ll bring our wives tomorrow.”

The following day, the man brings a bus load full of people. Casey discovers he’s already a top earner in network marketing and is a millionaire who drives around in a Lamborghini. He even has his own TV show and radio show.

All it took was one new relationship to change Casey’s life. If your results have been few and far between, all hope is not lost. Sometimes, the small things can become the big things.

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