Seduce to Succeed with Online Attraction Marketing

Before the ubiquity of online businesses, companies with sufficient capital could only take advantage of attraction marketing by using offline forms of media, such as television, radio, and print materials, which are usually expensive. But since the Internet boosted online innovation, newbie digital marketers can now use attraction-marketing tools available on the web at no cost.

What Is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction marketing is similar to attending a single’s event hoping to find “the one.” You’re more likely to attract interest from fellow singletons if you dress to the nines, use a puff of perfume and truly get into character of “attractive single ready to date.” But, if you appear sloppy, bring your B-game, and make little effort to pique people’s interest, chances are, you’ll return home having made no new contacts while cuddling your clowder of cats.

The primary objective of attraction marketing is to draw people’s attention toward your business “naturally,” and your success depends on how attractive you appear to your prospects. You have to seduce them with all that’s great about your service and identify those who wish to do business with you, then work with them to reach a common objective.

This marketing strategy can be broken down into the following stages:

  1. Potential customers find your website through your content like articles, social media posts, etc.
  2. They enter their details on your lead capture page.
  3. Prospects are added to your email list so you can frequently send them more valuable content.

During the third stage, your follow-up content will help potential customers decide whether or not to pursue business with you, so it’s vital that you’re on point with what you send them for greater marketing success. According to Demand Metric, “Content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less.”

One of the key advantages of online attraction marketing is that people give you permission to communicate with them. Once they’ve entered their details on your lead capture page, they’re fully aware and accepting of the fact that they’re about to receive your content. This makes them less likely to unsubscribe since it was a choice that they made.

4 Rules of Attraction

To run a successful online attraction marketing campaign, you should fine tune your techniques and follow the following rules:

1. Position Yourself as a Valuable Source

People will not reach out to you through your content if you’re only going to tell them things they already know. You’ll gain no credibility, and your prospects will hardly find you interesting.

Your followers would surely want to listen to an expert who can help build their business. In saying this, you should always improve your skillset and expertise so that you can share significant information to those who want to learn, which will, in turn, increase your value as an internet marketer.

You could attend live events, read self-development materials, and participate in training sessions to boost your credibility and skills. Remember, it’s much easier this way for people to believe in your content during the stage one of attraction marketing.

2. Address the Need

It’s far easier to get a successful conversion if you provide a solution to a problem rather than forcing a sale. However, positive results are often hindered due to a lack of understanding of what the other party actually needs. Determine the needs of the customer first, so you can then communicate with them more properly and explain how your service can solve their problems.

It’s good to keep in mind that sometimes people make decisions based on emotions, so you also have to make an emotional connection with your prospects and build a good rapport. Ask them the questions below to tailor your strategy in which you can address their problems effectively:

  • What areas do you need assistance with?
  • What are your financial objectives or goals?
  • What is the outcome you’re hoping to achieve?

A report on Demand Metric called the Impact of Content Effectiveness on Sales and Marketing revealed that 70% of the sales teams that were studied believed that “not having access to needed content negatively impacts sales conversations.” The study collected 295 online responses administered between June to July 2015.

3. Provide Solutions to Problems

After identifying your prospects’ needs, the next step to inform them of the solutions your service can offer, including specific purchasable products. Position these products in a way that highlights them as a must-have, and reinforce the solutions it can provide to ensure they don’t come across as off-the-shelf products you’re trying to flog.

Additionally, the most valuable benefit you can offer is your industry knowledge and expertise. Leverage your blogs, newsletters and other forms of content by educating your potential customers on relevant topics such as “How to write an amazingly informative article on attraction marketing!”

In order to usher your prospect to the right direction you should place your lead capture page on the upper-right section of your blog. According to Business 2 Community, a good position of the lead capture page “will make it more visible to visitors who are interested to do business with you.”

4. Make the Offer

Once you’ve built a good relationship with customers and they’re seduced by what your service can offer, it’s time to start making money! You obviously can’t sustain a free-content-only marketing company for too long, which is why you need to offer your customers a product that they must pay for, but only when it’s absolutely worth their while.

Customers are cautious of buying from businesses that claim they can “help” because of the financial risk involved. Your aim is to eradicate that risk and appear to be so wonderful for them that they can’t help but give you their money. That in itself is the premise of attraction marketing.

You could try tempting your potential customers with a 30-day or 60-day money back guarantee if they’re not completely satisfied. This provides a level of comfort that may just convince them to reach for their wallets.


From positioning yourself as a valuable source to making the offer, you have to maintain the quality of your brand to the highest possible level. Your prospects are consistently going to be directed to your website and blogs so you must fine tune your content and remain attractive for your existing and potential customers.

Attraction marketing should always be a part of your marketing endeavours and not just a momentary infatuation. It will keep your brand on its toes with regards to the way you appear in the public.

Scrub up well, smoothen your company’s rough edges and take full advantage of the efficacy of attraction marketing.