Right Message to Right Market

Do you intimately know your ideal client’s desires, dreams and goals? Their problems, challenges and pain?

Does your marketing connect with their deepest values, align with their worldview and beliefs, and speak to exactly where they are in that exact moment?

Does it answer their biggest burning question and offer a solution to their high stakes problems?

For most beginner marketers, the answer is no. But if you can make the answer yes, you’ll see a massive increase in conversions. Norbert Orlewicz explains in this video, filmed at the Diamond Mastermind in Bali, Indonesia.


When Norbert teaches marketing, he doesn’t like to immediately launch into the tactics of placing ads. He prefers to start by teaching branding, copywriting, selecting a target market and understanding the target market.

Although some students get impatient because they want to start placing ads, they have to first master the principles that make an ad work, or they’re just going to fail.

If you put the right message in front of the right people, your message will sink in better and your ad will get better conversions.

With a broad market and a general message, your results will be mediocre. The more you can hone in your message and speak directly to that one person who represents your ideal customer, the better your results. This is the central challenge of marketing.


Don’t expect to nail it on your first try. Matching the right message to the right market is hard. Often, you will have to repeatedly tweak your ad copy and go through different versions in an effort to find that match.

If there’s any shortcut to achieving the message to market match, it’s this. Share your own story and challenges. The person you know the most intimately is yourself.

For example, Norbert understands the struggles of online marketers, because he is one. He is easily able to deliver the right message to that audience.

On the other hand, if he was selling to people trying to lose weight, he would struggle to find the right message. He’s never tried to lose weight, so he doesn’t understand those challenges.

Use your own story and the challenges you’ve overcome to find your best target market. Then, finding the right message becomes a lot easier.

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