Read This if You Want Your Response Rate to Improve


When John Reith founded the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), he outlined the corporation’s three tenets: to inform, educate and entertain. That is exactly how you should approach email marketing if you want to generate a responsive list—people who not only opt in, but also take further action in your sales process.

However, many internet marketers don’t follow up correctly, which results in low conversion rates. They have traffic coming to their lead capture page, which means that the initial phase of marketing was effective, but inadequate follow-ups fail to keep their customers interested.

It’s up to You

They say you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Well, in marketing you have the tools at your disposal to not only lead the horse to water, but to quench its thirst, too. If your content is attractive enough, people will want to know more.

Just keep the following points in mind and you’ll be well on your way to a more responsive list:

1. Always Connect with Your Customer’s Interests and Needs

If prospects come to your lead capture page and find that you’re offering business information products but got fitness courses instead, chances are they’ll find what they need elsewhere. You have to keep your content and products in line with what your business really does and what you promise to customers so they won’t go to a competitor.

2. Keep Your Leads Engaged

Like with any fads, customers become disinterested in your product or service if it doesn’t connect to their needs and interests. If your prospects get bored, they’ll move on. Just think of it as being a host of a party—it’s up to you to keep your guests entertained.

A good way to keep your subscribers engaged is to tell stories in your emails that they can relate to and draw inspiration from. I always share an anecdote or two in my emails that are connected to the products I am offering. So when I’m trying to sell a product that can help customers get more leads or teach them how to be a great marketer, I would tell them about the time I started learning how to build landing pages and used paid traffic to get leads, which led to MOBE’s success.

The fact is, everyone loves stories. Millions of people read books and watch movies because they enjoy a good tale. As long as you can relate it to the product or service you have in your offer, your subscribers will always be absorbed in your emails and keep wanting more.

3. Use Compelling Subject Lines

Out of all the emails filling up your inbox, which ones stimulate your interest enough to make you want to open them? It’s probably the ones with interesting subject lines.

Your subject line is like a movie title. The better the title, the more people are motivated to check it out. Studio heads will think twice before marketing a movie with a bad title, which is why the creatives make it as catchy and clever as possible.

However, it’s worth noting that no matter how captivating your subject line may be, the content of your email has to live up to the hype. If your email content frequently fails to match up to the expectations that your subject line creates, your prospects will most likely ignore any further emails you send.

4. Avoid Sounding Too Salesy

Surely you have to promote your product or service to gain a sale, right? However, overselling a product when you’re trying to get a response from your prospects can do more damage than good, so promote with caution. Always focus on the benefits of the product rather than the product directly. Remember, your customers look for value in exchange for their registration, not a sales pitch.

5. Be Consistent

If you only email your leads after 20 days or so, they’ll probably become disinterested when they see your next email. They’ll assume that the lack of communication is an indication of your company’s inability to offer anything valuable.

You should aim for consistency over frequency, even if you only send an email every two days. As long as you’re continuously engaging your leads, they’ll respond to your emails.

6. Avoid Spamming Your Contacts

Spam filters will be triggered if you frequently write in all caps or include certain words that raise red flags such as “free,” “free system,” “instantly earn X amount of dollars,” “buy now,” etc. Use these terms occasionally. Individuals who are new to your service may interpret your email as spam if it appears that way.


If you’re about to send an email to your list, you should always ask yourself whether the content is engaging. Send the email to a close friend or associate who is not on your list to see if the content appeals to them and makes them want to learn more about the product.

If it does, send it to your list. And when your response rate improves, stick to the same techniques.