Publishing a Book With Print-On-Demand

As we all know, business cards get thrown away.

John Chow has seen people go to great lengths to get around this problem. They’ll hand out titanium business cards that cost $5 each.

He has a better idea. He passes out his book instead. That makes you far more memorable than anyone who hands out a business card, and a book is not going to get thrown away.

But once you’ve written something, how do you actually get a book published and into people’s hands?

In this video, filmed at a bonus day during the Titanium Mastermind in the Bahamas, John Chow talks about the simple process of publishing a book with print-on-demand.


To publish his second book, Blogging Secrets, John Chow used Amazon CreateSpace.

Using Amazon CreateSpace is easy. You upload a Word file that contains your book, and the service will do all the work of converting it into a real book.

Amazon CreateSpace will give you an ISBN, a Kindle edition and a hard copy edition. For the hard copy edition, print-on-demand is used. This means that whenever someone orders a copy, Amazon prints one copy and ships it, often within 24 hours. You won’t have the problem of unsold stock.

As a writer, you get to buy at wholesale cost. For 200 pages, your cost is $3.

When you follow this process, you will get your book listed on Amazon for both Kindle and hard copy editions. You will also be able to list your book on Amazon’s international websites at no additional cost.


Having a book is not just a memorable substitute for a business card. It’s also how you can get media coverage. John Chow has been featured on the cover of business magazines, in newspapers and on breakfast television – all because he has a book.

The tier 1 news media does not like to give out its own opinions, so outlets call up people to interview for opinions. Each outlet has a list of people to call on, each with an area of specialty, and they will always give preference to published authors.

John Chow is on the list of preferred interviewees for several media outlets. When they want someone to comment on internet marketing, they’ll call up John.

Getting on TV starts with writing a book.

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