Pinpointing Your Target Market

You are not selling to everybody. Not everybody wants what you have, and you don’t need to try to convince people to buy when they’re not interested.

Instead, you are looking for a target market that already wants what you have.

Chris and Susan Beesley target their business at the retirement market, because they themselves have experienced problems with their retirement plan. They know that tens of thousands of people and couples have the same challenge.

Watch this video, filmed at the Super Charge Summit in London, and they will help you pinpoint your own target market.


There are certain attributes of your target market that you must know, and be able to name without any thought.

You must know the top 3 most painful things in their lives. You can even be more specific than this. For example, if business owners are your target market, then you should also know the top 3 most painful things in their business.

Then, you must know the top 3 things they are afraid of.

Here’s something that most business owners forget. You must know the top 3 skepticisms and objections to buying from you. This can be tricky, because they won’t tell you what they are.

Finally, you must know what are their alternatives to buying from you, and what will they most likely continue to do if they don’t buy from you.


When you know these things about your target market, you have the key to building a strong relationship with your customers.

Use this knowledge when you write your ad. Speak to their problems, pains and desires. Almost magically, the results of your ads will jump.

That’s because when the right people read them, they will subconsciously think, “That’s me.” Your ads will stand out from all the other generic and boring ads that your competitors are using.

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