On Video, Message Trumps Appearance

When filming videos, it’s very easy to get worried about the appearance.

You think you need a good background, good clothes, make-up, professional lighting and camera and a flashy intro.

Sure, these things help to make a good first impression. But none of them mean as much to the viewer as the actual message of your video.

A video with a solid message but a crude appearance trumps a video with a polished appearance but a weak message.

In this video, filmed at the Diamond Mastermind in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Adam Holland gives some tips for filming videos with a strong message.


When Adam Holland filmed his first video, he was broke and living in a small apartment with cracks on the walls. He was concerned with appearance, so he did not want to film his video with the walls behind him.

He did happen to have a big TV, so he put a beach background on the screen and filmed his video with the beach background behind.

Unfortunately, you could still see the top of the TV on the video, and what was even worse is the screen saver kicked in. For 10 to 15 minutes of the video, there was a bouncing ball behind Adam instead of the beach background.

For subsequent videos, he was still so embarrassed by his apartment that he would ask friends whether he could use their living rooms to film his videos instead.


What Adam Holland realized later on is that if someone’s going to judge you by the lighting and appearance of your video, they were probably never going to buy from you anyway.

The message of the video is really what matters. If you have a solid message that connects with your viewers, they will forgive you for the poor appearance.

Plenty of people have have made a fortune with video marketing from just a smartphone. They may use simple equipment such as a tripod and some basic editing software such as iMovie or Camtasia, but that’s not where their fortune comes from.

Their fortune comes from delivering a solid and relevant message to their audience in a way that’s concise and engaging. You can do that with or without a polished appearance.

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