Money – Confidence

We can’t really “make” money. Only the government (and counterfeiters) can do that.

The only way to acquire money is to make an exchange with someone else – either by selling something to that person, or by buying an income generating asset.

Still, there is a secret to “creating” money that all wealthy people understand. It involves understanding what money really represents: confidence.

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Someone once said that “money is an idea backed by confidence.”

Think about it. If you’re buying a new article of clothing, and you hand over a $100 bill to the shop keeper as payment, will the shop keeper accept your money?

Of course, but why?

Because he is confident that he can use it to buy something else.

In a recession, the total amount of money circulating in the economy declines. But where does the money go? Do all the bills and coins disappear into a black hole?

No, but confidence goes down. Consumers are less willing to spend, so the businesses that sell to them make fewer sales. In turn, their share prices drop and money is “wiped off” the stock market. Real estate goes down in value simply because buyers are placing lower bids.

In an economic boom, the exact opposite happens. Confidence goes up and money is created.


If money is confidence, then it makes sense that the most confident people make the most money.

Confident people get hired for the highest paying jobs because they give the best impression to the recruiter. They make good business deals because they negotiate with confidence. People pay money to good sales people all day long, because they project confidence.

Think about the times in your life when you made the most money. Did being confident play a part?

When you film your marketing videos, when you speak to customers, and when you interact with anyone in your day-to-day life, appear confident. Stand up straight, make eye contact, speak slowly and clearly and with downward inflections. Trust in your own decisions.

You’ll start to notice the difference it makes to your bank account.

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