In Online Marketing, Let Someone Else Sweat the Small Stuff

Something a lot of people want to know when they start out in online marketing is how to manage their time. Time management is so important, especially since for many of you, MOBE is going to be a part-time business in the beginning. I know it’s difficult to budget for assistance when you’re just getting started, but letting someone else do the technical work can actually be worth the expenditure.

Me, Kia and a Cramped Bedroom-Turned-Office

Just a few years ago, before I put MOBE together and turned it into a multi-million-dollar success story, I was living in a small apartment with a very fixed budget. I was ambitious and willing to do all the work to set up my online business, but the problem was I didn’t understand the technical side of the project. I knew I needed help.

Unable to hire a professional IT assistant, given my financial situation, I turned to the local university and posted an advertisement. In the ad, I explained that I was looking for 2-3 hours of help each week from a computer science or IT student.

When I received a call in response to the ad, it was Kia. I hired him for $12 per hour, and he and I would sit on opposite ends of my bed while we worked since my apartment just didn’t have any other comfortable spaces.

I watched Kia work and, at first, I couldn’t follow what he was doing, which isn’t surprising since only one in four schools actually teach computer coding. But I watched intently and slowly picked it up, learning basic HTML code for myself. In a few weeks, I could do some of the tasks on my own, and get where I was going a lot more quickly.

Find Your Own Kia

My entry into the Internet marketing world and the struggles I faced from the very beginning are pretty intense compared to what you will experience. With MOBE, I’ve already done the hard part and given you all the information you need to set up your business and make a good go of it. That said, I know it’s still tough to manage your time while learning new skills and trying to make sales.

So, I suggest you go out and find your own Kia.

Always remember, there is a big difference between revenue producing tasks and non-essential administrative tasks. When you become a MOBE consultant, your main goal should be driving traffic to your lead pages, so when in doubt, learn direct response marketing, and don’t waste time on the technical side of things.

Budget for Assistance

There are so many people around the world who can help you with the technical aspects of your business, at virtually any price point. My best advice for you is to budget for assistance. You’re going to need it.

I need it; all my top consultants need it, and every financially successful person in the world has needed help along the way.

Even if you need full-time help, which is unlikely at first, you can save yourself $10,000 to $20,000 per year by hiring a university student. It’s much more likely that, like me, you’ll only need to hire an assistant for a few hours a week, or for a few projects.

The important thing to remember is, always budget for assistance. A lot of people ask me how I managed my time in the first few years while setting up MOBE and learning about the industry, and they want to know how I did it all on my own. The answer to that is I didn’t do it all on my own—I had help. Qualified, on-budget help.

Save Your Energy for the Ultimate Goal

Let an assistant take care of the technical stuff so you can focus on driving traffic into your sales funnel. That’s where the sales come from, and that’s where you are going to make your money.