If You Consider Yourself a ‘Newbie’ This Is for You

There’s close to about 200,000 people on my mailing list who receive my emails every week.

We classify them into 3 categories:

1.)  6 figure + earners-people who are making steady sales online and are building their business full time.

2.)  Those who are on their way to being in category one, and who are getting sales here and there with increasing frequency. They just need spend more time repeating the actions that got them those sales, and setting up systems to do more of those actions for them.

3.)  Newbies and / or those who’ve been trying to make internet marketing work for a long time, but still have get very little results.

If you’re in the first 2 categories you can stop reading because this message is not for you.

If you’re in category 3 it’s you who I’d like to speak to today.

The exact reason you’re not getting results is because you have not mastered the basic concepts of this industry. Or you’re just not implementing them.

But don’t feel bad, it’s not easy trying to learn something new for the first time.

Especially when you have dozens of people all telling you they have the ‘secrets’ in your email inbox every day.

It’s likely no one has ever sat down with you and explained how all these pieces fit together.

By the way, the quickest way to find out if someone is a true expert in their topic, is to listen to them explain it to someone who’s new.

If they can’t make it simple, and easy to understand, they probably haven’t mastered it.

Most of the people emailing you about marketing, are marketers (duh)!

Their job is NOT to teach you what works.

It’s to sell you their products.

I’m no different, just maybe a little more transparent.

But most of them aren’t going to tell you the truth.

Let me rephrase that, they’re going to tell you the truth, but it will be the second priority behind telling you what’s required to help get the sale.

Example: if they want to sell their product and it happens to be about creating web pages, they’re going to tell you that you absolutely have to create these pages yourself, and that knowing how to do so is vital to your success.

They won’t tell you that you can go outsource it for half the price of their course, because that does not support their cause (to get you to buy.)

As a result, everything you’ve been told about marketing is about making things more complicated than they really need to be leaving you confused, overwhelmed, not knowing what information to trust and being paralyzed with inaction.

I intend to change that.

I can’t sing and I can’t dance.

But after 5 years of doing this full time and building MOBE, I’ve gotten pretty good at making difficult concepts simple.