How To Write Copy that Converts

What are the fundamentals to writing sales copy that motivates a response?

Whether you are writing a sales letter to send out in the mail, or writing copy for your website, the principles are mostly the same.

Improving your sales copy can be a major leverage point in your business. For example, if a change in copy increases your response rate from 1% to 2%, you’ve just doubled your business revenue.

Watch this video, filmed at a Titanium Mastermind in Phuket, Thailand, to hear Craig Simpson’s top 2 tips for writing copy that converts.


Our speaker, Craig Simpson, has experience writing copy for health companies. One of his clients has been Beachbody, the company behind the health shake Shakeology and the P90X and INSANITY workout programs.

Through working with a number of health companies, Craig has learned that different customers have different motivations.

One client approached Craig, complaining that they’d been sending out direct mail for their diet offer, it was bombing, and they needed help.

Craig asked the client about their target market. The client answered that the diet worked for women in their 30’s, as well as men and women in their 50’s and 60’s.

While the same diet may work for all of these demographics, it’s for sure that not all of these demographics have the same motivation for going on a diet. What motivates a 30 year old woman to go on a diet is not what motivates a 60 year old man to go on a diet.

Yet, when Craig inspected the sales letter the client was sending out, he saw that it was generic.

It tried to speak to all of the demographics at the same time.

Craig’s solution was to split up the different demographics and write a tailored sales letter for each one. Each would focus on the motivations, pains and fears of that particular demographic.


A good way to win over the trust of your customers is to use the right lingo and vocabulary in your copy.

Craig had another client who sold to banking CEO’s and managers. He made sure to use language such as “net interest margin compression” and “loan growth.” You probably don’t know the meaning of those terms, and neither did Craig, but bankers know what those terms are.

By using the language that resonates in the market, the people who read your copy can see that you understand who they are, and this will increase your response.

Couple your use of the right lingo with your knowledge of the motivations, pains and fears in your market, and watch the conversions of your sales copy go up.

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