How to Profit From Facebook Friend Requests

If you think Facebook is a waste of time and you think your business is “above” that, you need to shift your mindset.

The reality is, the majority of your potential customers are already hanging out on Facebook. Why cut yourself off from that opportunity?

Locating people on Facebook who are interested in your brand and sending them friend requests can be an effective and free lead generation strategy.

In this video, filmed at the Super Charge Summit in London, Susan and Chris Beesley walk through how to do it.


Don’t misunderstand this strategy. You don’t want to send friend requests to anyone and everyone on Facebook. That will get you a lot of unqualified leads and into trouble with Facebook.

Instead, you want to run a sponsored post on the Facebook ad platform. A story from your own life that relates to your business is one of the most effective kinds of posts that you can write.

When you target the ad, be strategic. Chris and Susan Beesley target their ads at management consultants, because they know they are the people who will most relate to the story.

What will naturally happen is some people will like your post, like your page, share your post or comment on your post. These are the people you’re going to send a friend request to.


Before you send any requests, open up each person’s profile. This will tell you a lot about them, and it should also give away whether it’s a fake account.

Assuming it’s a real person, click on Add Friend. Next, send them a message, so that you can move them deeper into your sales funnel.

Thank them for engaging with your post, and then write a message that picks away at their pain.

Susan Beesley will write something like, “Like you, we were quite shocked at the lack of information, especially for those who have been self employed for most of their lives.”

Choose your words carefully to elicit a response. You want to imply that you both know what the pain feels like, and that it’s time for them to do something about it.

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