How to Overcome the Objections

If you’ve been trained in sales, you know all about the need to overcome the objections.

Many customers will tell you they don’t have the time, they don’t have the money or there’s something else holding them back from buying. You need to anticipate these objections and be ready with a response that overcomes them.

The best way to overcome objections is with social proof stories.

In this video, filmed at the Titanium Mastermind in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Dave VanHoose gives some examples of overcoming objections with social proof stories. Then, he explains how to work them into your presentation.


When Dave VanHoose was selling his former product, Foreclosures Daily, he would encounter a handful of common objections.

He’d sell from the stage and instruct people to get up and go to the back table to buy the product. Then someone would say, “Dave, I would buy your system, but I don’t have time to do real estate.”

Dave went back to his office and fished out a testimonial he’d gotten in the past. The subject of the testimonial explained how they got Dave’s foreclosure system, they did their first deal part time and made $30K.

Next time he’d sell his product from the stage, he’d get another objection. “Dave, I would get your system, but I don’t have the money to do real estate.”

So, Dave found another one of his testimonial. This time it was someone who got his system and locked in their first deal with no money down.

For each objection you get, find one of your existing testimonials that invalidates it. Then you’ll build out a library of social proof stories that handle all your most common objections.


Don’t wait until the customer gives you the objection to share the social proof story. Identify which objections are the most common, and work the corresponding social proof stories into your presentation.

Then, at the end of your presentation, all the objections are overcome. There’s no longer anything stopping your customers and they’re ready to sign up.

If you don’t use any social proof stories in your sales presentation, you’re leaving money on the table. Stories are more emotional, more exciting and more persuasive than plain information and theory.

To be the best sales person, become the best story teller. Build a library of social proof stories. Meet your successful customers, interview them, get their testimonials and work them into your presentation.

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