How to Make Sales with Facebook Chat

Normally, when you think of Facebook marketing, you think of serving ads to thousands of people simultaneously.

What you may not have tried is using Facebook to chat with prospects individually. The chance of making a sale this way compared to through an ad is dramatically higher.

Plus, your customers will thank you for it. They want to do business with someone they can talk to, who does not hide behind their computer.

A lot of Nick Pratt’s sales come from chatting to people individually on Facebook. In this video, filmed at the Super Charge Summit in London, he shares some tips to help you make this work for your business.


Nick Pratt’s Facebook sales conversations are not high-pressure situations. They’re easy-going and friendly conversations.

Throughout his marketing and on his website, he’ll invite people to add him as a friend on Facebook. He promises that they can chat individually and he can help them.

He’ll start off the conversation by simply asking them what they’re looking for. He knows that if they’ve responded to his marketing, they didn’t do it by accident. They were specifically looking for something, and he wants to know what it is.

After he makes his offer, some of them buy immediately. Others may buy weeks or even months later.


The first step to add Facebook chat into your marketing strategy is to invite people to connect with you on Facebook.

Nick Pratt has a button on his website that leads to his personal profile on Facebook. Every day, he’s getting new friend requests. You could put a similar call to action on your website, below your videos, or in your emails.

You can also create a Facebook group to start interacting with your community, and you’ll find that many will send you friend requests.

When you get a friend request, it’s your clue that they’re a good prospect to sell to individually. People won’t do that for no reason. It means they are interested in what you’re offering.

If you let your audience members add you as a Facebook friend, you’ve got an excellent mechanism for filtering the potential buyers from the tire-kickers. This is information you can use to make a lot of sales in your business.

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