How to Get Customers Off the Fence

The simple truth is, most customers will say no. Maybe 96% of the people who land on your website will never do business with you.

The good news is, it doesn’t matter if you can make enough money off of the minority who do buy.

99% of the people who receive emails from MOBE have never, and will never, buy from us. But I’m OK with that, because the 1% who did buy have collectively spent $150 million with us.

However, that doesn’t mean the people who say no to you will never say yes. Watch this video and I talk about ways you can get customers off the fence.


Out of all the leads you generate, you might think there are going to be two types of leads: those who buy and those who don’t buy. But it’s more complex than that.

There will be one segment of leads who are the easy sales. These people will see your offer and immediately buy without any resistance. This segment might represent as little as 1% or as many as 4% of your total leads.

A big mistake is to think that everyone else just won’t buy.

The reality is, there will be a second segment of leads who require some more follow up. They might need to see your offer 5 times, 25 times, even 50 times – but they’ll buy. As long as you continue to follow up for at least 90 days and beyond, you can successfully sell to this segment as well.


There’s a third segment that is even more difficult to convert into sales, but it’s still possible. These people are the procrastinators.

They’ll see your offer and think, “I’ll buy it later.”

Of course, “later” never comes. The best offer in the world is still not going to convert the procrastinators, unless you give them a reason to act now.

The solution is to add a time sensitive element to your offer. Perhaps you could throw in a bonus at no extra charge, for those who buy within a limited time frame. Or, you could offer an early bird discount price.

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