How to Get $5500 Worth of Google Ads for $500

Starting a business costs money. But what if you don’t have the money?

Instead of concluding, “I can’t afford it,” ask yourself, “How can I afford it?”

One of John Chow’s business ventures forced him to answer this question. He needed money for advertising, and he needed it fast.

Thanks to quick and creative thinking, he was able to get $5,500 worth of other people’s money and he only had to outlay $500 himself. Find out how he did it in this video, filmed at the Platinum Mastermind in Fiji.


Our speaker, John Chow, was once in an internet reality show called Top Affiliate Challenge. It was similar to The Apprentice.

John was one of 4 internet gurus who each led a team of 3 contestants. The teams would compete in challenges to make the most money.

John thought that the producers would give each team a budget, but he was wrong. They had to come up with the money themselves. John was allowed to bring his own money, but he decided he would try something more creative.

His first try was to go to one of the sponsors of the show and sell them a sponsorship deal on his blog. That worked, to the tune of $500. Still, he knew his team would need a bigger budget if they were going to win the challenge.


At the time, Google AdWords would give away a $500 coupon to anyone who opens a new account.

John’s team went across the road to the Bank of America branch. They bought 50 Visa gift cards for $10 each, and opened a Google AdWords account under each card.

This granted them 50 coupons each worth $500. In total, that was $5,000 worth of Google AdWords credit, plus the $500 from the show sponsor, and they only had to spend $500 on the Visa gift cards.

Here’s the lesson should you take from this story. If you can be resourceful, and use some creative thinking, you’ll find that money is not that difficult to access.

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