How to Generate More Leads Using a Shotgun

You don’t need to own a firearm in order to bring in a lot of leads. You only need to ensure that your marketing isn’t trying to appeal to too narrow of an audience.

Ideal Customer?

Some marketing and copywriting authorities make a big point about defining your customer avatar and honing your marketing messages to correspond with this avatar.

“Avatar” is a word which has a few definitions, one of which is “someone who represents a type of person, an idea, or a quality” (Merriam Webster). For marketing purposes, an avatar is a detailed profile of your ideal customer which identifies numerous ideas and qualities in your ideal customer. Ryan Diess’ Digital Marketer website does a good job of naming the categories of information you need to create a complete avatar:

  1. Their Goals and Values’
  2. The Sources Where They Get Their Information
  3. Demographic Info (Age, Gender, Marital Status, etc.)
  4. Their Challenges and Pain Points
  5. Their Objections to the Sale
  6. Their Role in the Purchase Process

“Define your customer avatar” is advice you will hear at just about any seminar for Internet marketing. But this kind of laser focus—narrowing down your target to a specific kind of persona—isn’t necessary for every kind of business.

When you’re marketing a make-money-online product—an affiliate program, network-marketing program, MLM or similar business opportunity—avatars are counter-productive.

You will have better success being less “laser” and a little more “shotgun” in your marketing approach.

The Accidental Shotgun

A couple years after I started MOBE, I decided to find out who our customers were.

We had experienced tremendous growth in a short period, but in order to continue scaling up, we needed to ensure that our marketing was really hitting a larger segment of the correct target.

I’d always assumed that the people who were attracted to MOBE were people like me: entrepreneurial types in their twenties, bored with school and conventional career paths, and more interested in creating their ideal future.

I was surprised, to say the least, when our survey revealed that the majority of MOBE consultants are U.S. baby boomers—middle-age or retirement-age people seeking to take control of their financial future.

In my mind, MOBE’s marketing copy—which told the story of how I used the internet to go from $700 a month to $15,000 a month (and beyond)—was written to “speak” to people like me. Yet, this story of an Australian farm boy proved to resonate with a large segment of mature Americans.

Personal and Universal

I thought I was more or less “lasering” to people like me, but I discovered I’d unknowingly “shot gunned” my marketing across a much larger target—people seeking home-based businesses and online money-making opportunities. It created a much larger and continuous pool of leads than if I’d marketed according to an avatar.

Despite what you might hear at any marketing seminar about the importance of identifying your customer avatar, when it comes to the make-money-online niche, it’s bad advice. A more shotgun approach—opening up your marketing to reach a wider audience—is what actually works in this niche.

This is because all kinds of people—not just avatars—understand the importance of money. They understand struggle and the desire for financial freedom and more time to spend with family and friends, doing the things that make them happy.

So in your marketing, tell the story you know best: your own. But don’t make it so specific that only people exactly like you will get it. Talk about things in a way that a lot of people will easily understand:

  1. Their Role in the Purchase Process
  2. Why You Started Your Own Business
  3. What Excites You about the Program You’re In
  4. Results (Yours, if You Have Them, or Others’ if You Don’t)

By targeting the home-based business or make-money-online niche and telling your story—your struggle, your hopes, your results—you will resonate with a lot of people. It’s personal, but because so many people have the same kinds of feelings and experiences, it makes it more universal.

And it will bring you many more leads than if you narrowed your marketing according to an avatar.