How to Fill Up Your Webinars

Are you currently sending out emails and directing your leads to a sales page, and but you’re getting little to no sales?

Then why not try doing webinars instead?

Instead of sending your leads to a sales page that gives them cold feet, get them to register for your upcoming webinar instead. Then you can make the sale on the webinar, where it’s a more interactive environment conducive to sales.

In this video, I discuss some strategies for getting webinar registrations and ensuring they show up.


Don’t just do one webinar and that’s it. Commit to a regular day and time that doesn’t change from week to week. Make it part of your routine. For example, it might be every Wednesday at 9.00pm, you hold a webinar for your audience.

Without this rigidity and regularity, you’ll be tempted to postpone or cancel your webinars. That’s not good for your customers or yourself.

If you’re marketing to America, I recommend 8.00pm or 9.00pm Eastern Standard Time.


Let’s suppose you’re holding your webinars on Thursday nights.

Start promoting a few days in advance. On Tuesday, send out an email to your list promoting Thursday’s webinar. Then, send another email on Wednesday and a final reminder on Thursday.

If you have 100 people on your list, you might expect to get about 3 registrations from your first promotion on Tuesday.

Typically only 1 out of 3 registrants will show up. If you never send out another reminder after Tuesday, that one person might forget. This is why the follow-up emails are critical. Don’t worry about sending people repeated emails after they’ve already registered. You’re doing them a favor because you’re reminding them.

In your second email promotion on Wednesday, you might get another 2 registrants, as well as reminding the 3 who already registered. Then on Thursday’s final reminder, you might get another 3. That gives you 8 registrants for your webinar.


Especially if you only have a handful of registrants, consider using this technique to dramatically boost your show rate.

Find every registrant on Facebook and send them a personal message. “Hey, I noticed you registered for our webinar. You’ll love it. It’s 8.00pm Thursday night. See you there!”

By doing this, you could potentially turn a 4 out of 8 show rate into a 6 out of 8 show rate.

When you’re first starting out, you have to do whatever you can to get some momentum going. Keep building your list, and before long, your webinars will be your chance to sell to hundreds of people at once!

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