How Detailed Should Your Customer Avatar Be?

If your customer avatar is “baby boomers,” or “women,” or “online marketers,” it’s not detailed enough.

A true customer avatar is one specific person who you can put a name to. You can list out all of their frustrations, fears and motivations and describe them in detail.

It doesn’t mean that everyone who buys from you will fully identify with that avatar, but it does help you to craft better marketing and write better copy.

In this video, filmed at a Diamond Mastermind in Mexico, Adam Holland gives you an example of how detailed a customer avatar should be.


Adam Holland had spoken at an earlier MOBE event in Phoenix, Arizona. He noticed that 70 or 80 percent of the room was baby boomers.

If you have clients who have already bought from you, studying those people’s demographics can be a good way of knowing who to target in your future marketing campaigns. Or, you can look at who is already buying from your competitors.

However, in order to better serve and connect with those people, you need to have a customer avatar that’s far more specific than just the demographic.

Don’t think of a customer avatar as a group of people. It should be one specific person that you can put a name to. You should know whether they’re male or female, and what’s important to them.


One of Adam Holland’s customer avatars is Jane. She is a stay at home mom in her mid-40’s.

She has kids who are teenagers. She’s getting anxiety because she knows they’ll start driving and dating.

She has an OK relationship with her husband, but it’s not as intimate as she’d like. She feels he’s not looking at her the same way he once did. She’s conscious about her weight and age, and she wants to invest in a diet or fitness program that will make her look and feel more beautiful.

This is how detailed your customer avatar should be. It should not be as brief as “45, female, stay at home mom.”

You need to decide on their age, gender and occupation. Then you need to get inside their thoughts, feelings and emotions.

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