How Business is Like Sports

Business is a lot like sports, especially team sports.

You must always give 100% of your effort. You must act true to your beliefs. Whatever you claim your beliefs are, you must behave in accordance with them.

Most significantly, the game continues even when you feel like quitting. You have to keep your head in the game, or your competitors will overtake you.

In this video, filmed at the Titanium Mastermind in Jamaica, Mike Williams talks about the similarities between business and sports.


Mike Williams played high school football in Texas, where high school football is taken very seriously. In that kind of culture, losing and being beaten is not a good feeling.

In those days, Mike learned the acronym WIN, which stands for “what’s important now.”

In other words, you can’t afford to be thinking about what happened 10 minutes ago. If you do, you’ll give your competitors the chance to overtake you. Instead, you need to be focused on what’s important right now.

During one game, when Mike’s team was being pounded by their competition, Mike got knocked over by an opposing player who was solid rock with not an ounce of fat.

For the rest of the game, Mike struggled to focus on what was important, because he was constantly worried about avoiding that guy.


Any time you have a failure in business, if you’re not careful, it will affect how you behave and perform in the future. It will stick around in your thoughts.

You have to fight this and focus on what’s important now. It doesn’t matter whether you won or lost the last game. That has no effect on what you’re doing right now, unless you let it.

Keep your head in the game. In both sports and business, the way to win is to stay focused on the current situation instead of dwelling on past failures.

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