Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

In 2008, Google AdWords was the easy choice for all online marketers. Everyone used Google to generate their leads. In fact, many of the top marketers today used Google to first built their list.

Then, there was the “Google slap.” Thanks to changed policies and increased prices, a lot of marketers were forced off of Google AdWords and onto other platforms.

Since then, Facebook has become the dominant platform for direct-response marketers.

In this video, filmed at the Platinum Mastermind in Fiji, Vince Reed discusses the difference between Google ads and Facebook ads and which is the better platform for marketers.


Google AdWords was a great way to generate leads back in the day. You could target your ad to show up whenever someone searches for a particular keyword. This way, you would only pay for people who are already searching for a solution.

Your ad would take them to a lead capture page, and you could quickly build a list at a reasonable cost.

Because of policy changes and algorithm changes, advertising on Google is no longer as simple and is a lot pricier.


Facebook was traditionally like billboard marketing. Unlike Google ads, which are targeted to someone searching for a solution, Facebook ads were invasive when they first launched.

You’d be talking to your friends on Facebook and you’d see an ad that would interrupt you.

However, over the years, Facebook ads have become more targeted because they are based on interest. By targeting users based on their data, you can serve your ads only to the people who have expressed an interest that’s relevant to what you sell.


Although it may seem that Facebook ads are less targeted than Google ads, the reverse can be true. You can market on Facebook in a more targeted way than Google, because you can target people in specific groups.

For example, the MOBE Facebook community is a group of people who all have a specific common interest. If you’re selling something that fits that interest, you can choose to advertise only to the people in that group.

When someone searches on Google, they only search once and they may or may not see your ad. With Facebook, you can have your message follow someone around as long as they fit the criteria you set.

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