Don’t Beg People to Buy From You

Have you ever had a marketer harass and beg you to buy something? And did you buy it?

Of course you didn’t. Instead, you probably found it annoying, insulting or at least off-putting. You probably felt they cared about themselves but not about you.

Instead of begging, you should show genuine care for your customer and not be fussed whether they buy or not.

In this video, filmed at the SuperCharge Summit in London, Paul Dunstan talks about how to sell and how not to sell.


The right way to sell is to make the initial contact, thank the prospect for showing interest in your offer and end by saying, “Let me know if I can help you.”

There is something powerful about being a marketer who is not begging to have someone buy from them. It’s refreshing to not be hounded and pressured.

Also, it’s a psychological trigger on the prospect’s part. If someone’s begging for the sale, it’s probably because they’re not making a lot of sales and that’s possibly because the product is no good. If they’re relaxed and not fussed whether they make the sale, they must be making plenty of sales and the product must be good.

It’s exactly the same as dating. If a man approaches a woman he’s never met and says, “Hi, I’m Josh. I make a lot of money and I work for a successful firm,” she’ll instantly become disinterested. Desperation does not sell.


Once you invite people to contact you back if they’re interested in buying, you’re going to find that some do and some don’t.

If they don’t, you don’t need to hound them. If your offer is good, why put so much time and energy trying to close someone who is struggling to see the value in it? You don’t want customers who feel coerced to buy. You want ones who have money, see the value and take your products seriously.

Give them the opportunity to talk to you, answer their questions and forget about those who are not interested. You’ll work smarter, not harder.

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