Do You Need to be an “Expert” to Sell Information?

You’ve heard that there’s a fortune to be made selling information that is in demand.

But what if you don’t have a PhD or years of experience in a given field? Would anyone actually spend money for information from you, when there are so many people more knowledgeable?

The answer is yes. Anyone can sell information, even if you’re not an expert. In this video, filmed at the Platinum Mastermind in Fiji, Vince Reed explains how.


Imagine someone shared with you a strategy that guarantees you would never lose at Monopoly. With this strategy, you could beat anyone.

Then imagine that person leaves the country and retires – but you still know how to beat anyone at Monopoly.

Do you think people would pay you to share this information with them? Yes, they would – and they would not care that you were not the one who originally came up with the strategy. If the information is valuable enough to them, they’ll pay anyone who can give it to them.

You might wonder why someone would choose to learn from you instead of someone who’s more of an expert. The answer is because you’re the one who is willing to share the information with them.


Your ability to make a lot of money selling information has nothing to do with your qualifications and your experience. It has to do with whether you have the information and you’re willing to share it.

If you acquired some information from someone else, but you’re the one who’s willing to share the information with further people, then you’re the one they’ll pay for that information.

Your power lies in your willingness to share and sell the information you have. It’s not about whether your information is first-hand or second-hand. It’s all about how well you position it and get it in front of the people who want it.

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