Direct Mail, The Easy Way

If you’re doing direct mail marketing for the first time, there are a number of choices you have to make.

Which list should you mail out to? Should you go with a compiled list or a response list? Should you use a list broker or handle everything yourself?

Make the wrong choices and you’ll give yourself headaches and waste money. Make the right choices and direct mail marketing can be a breeze.

In this video, filmed at the Titanium Mastermind in Phuket, Thailand, Craig Simpson advises you on the easy way to do direct mail marketing.


How much difference can there be in two different mailing lists of dentists?

The answer is, as much as 50 times difference.

One of Craig Simpson’s clients had mailed to a list called “AAA Dentists” and got a 0.05% response rate. That’s 2 to 3 responses out of 5,000.

Craig arranged for the client to send to a “Dental Catalog and Direct Response Buyers List” instead, and the response rate was 2%. That’s 100 responses out of 5,000.

Why did the two lists yield such different results for the same direct mail piece? Because one was a list compiled out of a directory, and the other was a buyers list. Every single contact on the list had previously picked up the phone and bought something. They have proven that they respond to marketing.

If you want to give yourself a hard time with direct mail, you can go with a compiled list. But if you want to easily boost your response rate by as much as 50 times, get a list of people who have responded and spent money.


To find mailing lists to rent, you have a few different options. One is SRDS, a subscription service that grants you access to 100,000 lists.

Your other option is to go to a list broker. Just like a real estate broker shows you the different homes on the market, facilitates the deal and gets a commission, a list broker works in the same way.

Craig Simpson has been doing direct mail marketing for 20 years and mails thousands every year. He knows how to manage the whole thing himself, but he still chooses to use a list broker because it’s easy.

His recommendation, especially if you’re new, is to use a list broker. They’ll show you the different lists on the market, and if you choose to rent one of them, they will get a commission from the owner of the list. They take care of a lot of the work, and you don’t pay the subscription fee for SRDS.

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