5 Tips to Attract More Attendees to Your Next Webinar

Hosting events can be quite challenging, especially if you’re new in business and you don’t have enough resources to start from. It can also be very stressful to organize with the venue, materials, and expenses to think about. Webinars, on the other hand, are all the rave amongst digital professionals because they provide an alternatively easy and low-cost means to communicate with any target audience. You just need a few tools and you’re all set.

To highlight the effectiveness of webinars, a study from Content Marketing Institute says that 60% of marketers incorporate them as a fundamental component of their marketing strategy, which often results in 20-40% of attendees converting into hot leads and sales. Moreover, carrying it out well not only expands your network, but it also sets you up as a thought leader and authority in your niche.

The goal of having webinars is to acquire leads by educating, entertaining, and creating a remarkable brand experience for your audience. Below are tips on how you can conduct an impactful webinar and gain more customers.

1. Invite Well-Known Industry Professionals

People tend to join activities when they know their favorite celebrities are part of it. Remember watching a movie just because you’re a fan of one of the actors? That’s what you should aim to do.

Your target audience will attend your webinar if you partner with their beloved thought leaders and professionals who have already established themselves as an authority and have a large following. So, look for someone who has become successful in your industry and can share their story and business perspective.

HubSpot has been teaming up with a lot of relevant brands to provide takeaways and additional information aside from what they already offer. This has been very beneficial for them as it serves as a co-marketing tactic that gives them more attendees, promotes their company, and establishes their business a credible source of knowledge and resources.

2. Offer Valuable Content

Get people excited and feeling special by serving them exclusive content, providing meaty insights on industry trends, and disclosing proven strategies that could take their business to the next level. Doing this helps your brand create a lasting impact on your audience’s minds and would definitely secure you another slot in their calendars, as well as their money in exchange for your product or service.

As Jay Baer advised, “Your marketing should deliver so much value that your customers would be willing to pay for it.”

This has been well executed by the Social Media Examiner as they’ve had roughly 2,000 paid attendees for their social media business summit. Their content is so packed with actionable advice from in-house experts and different thought leaders that they command a large number of attendees and sales in just a series of webinars.

3. Discuss Trendy and Relevant Topics

It’s hard for people to flock your webinar if your topic is not mind-blowing. Unbounce, a landing page builder company, advises webinar hosts should, “Find out what your customers and potential customers want to learn, then deliver beyond their expectations.”

There are a lot of ways to determine which topics your audience would like to learn about. As Content Authority suggest, you must check what experts are talking about, listen to the latest industry trends, discover your target market’s pain points, ask your team for ideas, or share something related to your product or offering.

You can also collect data by using tools like Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner and BuzzSumo that will give you categories and clusters of topics to choose from. Monitoring your industry by using social media platforms is also highly recommended to know what’s “in.”

4. Provide a Great Attendee Satisfaction

A great webinar should be entertaining enough to turn enthusiastic registrants to followers and customers. Redback Conferencing’s survey found that 48% of people find a webinar least enjoyable due to a poor presenter. Surely, you don’t want them to get bored with an hour or two of monotone information. You’d also want them to interact and have fun while they’re listening to you.

To delight your attendees, you should create a poll, do trivia and quizzes, have a live chat available for any questions or promote social media interaction, run contests with prizes to challenge them and encourage their participation. And once it’s over, or a day after the event, send them nice freebies like exclusive content, a summary or recording of the webinar, or even a discount through timely email follow-ups—this will help establish a continual following for future webinars.

5. Don’t Forget to Implement the Best Practices

A lot of factors play into making a webinar well-received by its attendees. Although the above tips are great to implement, you should still be wary of small, but important details like:

  • sending out reminders a day and an hour before the webinar
  • being mindful of time differences for international audiences
  • marketing the event through landing pages and other channels
  • being on time
  • avoiding technical difficulties during the session

If you play your cards right, you’ll be getting a huge reaction from people all over the Internet, which can increase your attendees the next time you conduct another webinar. Unbounce did a survey after one of their webinars, and it revealed that 80% of the participants think the event is the highlight of their day.

Moreover, they received a lot of positive feedback on Twitter and was able to turn 41% of attendees into qualified leads. There’s nothing like great preparation and implementation that could make it any more successful.

Wrap Up

Webinars are an effective way of building your audience, network and customer base, and enables you to establish your credibility by sharing knowledge about your industry, product and services to help people become more successful.

Using these simple but practical tips, your attendees will be more excited to join your succeeding webinars and soon, everyone will look up to your brand for any noteworthy information and offerings.