4 Email Marketing Blunders That Poison Your Campaign

Email Marketing Blunders

Use A-I-D-A-R Methods to Turn It Around

Executed properly, email marketing is an ideal outlet or venue to increase interest and customer engagement. It is the perfect accompaniment to all of your other marketing endeavors. For beginners in email marketing, using AIDAR methodology is the best approach.

  • A: Attention or Awareness
  • I: Interest
  • D: Desire
  • A: Action
  • R: Retain


The AIDAR Model

Every email in your campaign needs to grab Attention or generate Awareness, establish Interest, build Desire, motivate Action, and strive to Retain an ongoing relationship.

Constructing the perfect email is crucial. When you follow the AIDAR framework and couple it with good copywriting, you will be one step closer to achieving positive results.

A good AIDAR-concentrated campaign will get buyer personas to interact with your content, drive page views and, most importantly, increase conversions.

Let’s look at a few blunders that may be poisoning your campaign and find ways to turn it around with AIDAR.

4 Big Blunders

  1. Targeting your audience in the wrong places
  2. Sending newsletters or promotional emails too often, or not enough
  3. Poor “subject” lines, followed by even poorer copywriting
  4. Always going for the hard sell, but with weak or no call-to-action.

Before comprising emails for your campaign, consider the following points to avoid such blunders to happen:

Attention / Awareness

Are you getting your target audience’s attention? What channels do you use to promote brand awareness? How are you driving traffic to your website?

You’ve researched and determined who you want to target, but are you visible in the right places to be found by the right people?

Answering those questions is your solution to addressing Blunder #1. Also, you gain insight into the overall effectiveness of your company’s branding and you get to know what messages your emails should contain.


What do you want to highlight most about your brand to establish interest from prospective customers?

Getting people interested starts with enticing them to click on your email in the first place. Think about your own inbox … what triggers you to click? The subject lines you choose can literally make or break the campaign. They should be attention-grabbing, but not exaggerated or salesy. Choose words that’ll make the reader want to learn more.

Solve Blunder #2 by sticking to the mailing schedule you set up for you campaign religiously. People will lose interest quickly if you’re not dependable.


How can your product or service be desirable?

This goes hand-in-hand with interest. When people are keen to know more about a product, desire naturally follows. This can be achieved through appealing content that highlights the hotspots of your product.


Do you have call-to-action (CTA) points in your emails which links out to your landing page?

Your emails need (CTA) points throughout the copy. Place CTAs at the quarter, half, and ending marks in newsletters, and as a rule, at the middle and end points in promotional emails.

One answer to fixing Blunders #3 & #4 is creating call-to-actions using strong command verbs to evoke emotion or enthusiasm. When your copy sounds enthusiastic, your reader will feel the same which increases click-through rates and takes them to your awesome landing page.Retain

What is your plan to keep your subscribers engaged? How are you going to maintain relationship with them over time?

This is possibly the most important part of the recipe. The whole goal of an email campaign is to gain customers. But if you don’t preserve loyalty, what’s the point?

Applying AIDAR

You’ve gone through a lot of questions and positioned yourself with a solid marketing plan, and when you apply AIDAR methods throughout your email campaign, you will tackling all 4 Big Blunders in one fell swoop. Now it’s time to get the ball rolling which all rests upon strong copywriting and timing. The formula is simple and produces proven results.

If you, or your team, have little or no experience writing emails, it’s a good idea to outsource the job to a seasoned professional. It is better to pay a little extra for proven results than to waste your own time, effort and money, only to have the campaign fall flat on its face.

To write strong copy, you should look at your competitors—signing up to receive their newsletters and news about their products. Study what makes their campaigns successful or not and how they apply the AIDAR method. Learn how you can apply their successful tactics to your own plan without copycatting (don’t worry, everyone does it … everyone who’s smart, that is).

Email Types

Mix it up and keep it engaging. Welcome emails with simple CTAs like using, “click here to confirm” buttons are an effective way to encourage engagement. Follow-up emails that include actions for the prospect “to do next” is another nudge towards motivating action and converting them into a customer. Weekly newsletters keep your audience informed about your company’s news, upcoming events, products or offers.

From the get-go, tell subscribers exactly what to expect. Indicate the amount of emails per week/month they should look forward to and what benefits your emails contain. Additionally, explain your spam policy, should they subscribe. Be transparent to leave nothing to question. This is how you will gain their trust.

Remember to be consistent and reliable. Loyal clients will eventually look forward to checking their inboxes when you give them what they look for. Stick to the AIDAR method in your emails consistently and you are sure to have the odds in your favor.