3 Advantages of Radio Marketing

Have you ever considered running ads on the radio?

Radio marketing encompasses AM and FM radio, satellite radio and online streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora.

If you regularly listen to any of these, chances are that your potential customers are listening too. Why not take this opportunity to deliver your offer directly into their ears?

Radio ads are very simple to make and can be extremely effective. In this video, filmed at the Titanium Mastermind in Cabo San Lucas, Fred Catona gives you 3 reasons that radio marketing is a no-brainer.


Statistics gathered over the past decade about the reach of radio may surprise you.

77% of adults listen to the radio every day. 93% of people over 12 years old listen to the radio at least some of the time. The average engaged time is 19 hours a week. Yet, less than 25% of marketers know about these figures.

Radio is still alive and well, especially with newer ways of tuning in over the internet. This can be an opportunity for your business.


With any form of advertising, it takes some testing and tweaking before you find the right message. Never assume your message is strong unless you’ve tested it and got the data to back up your hypothesis.

Fred Catona spoke at the Titans of Direct Response event, which brought together the top 10 direct marketers in America. Greg Renker, the co-founder of the infomercial company Guthy-Renker, was another one of the speakers. He said that the company had done 425 infomercials and only 25 have worked.

This is very normal, even for the best marketers. However, an infomercial costs as much as half a million dollars to produce. Once it’s produced, you’re not going to go back and redo it.

Radio ads are different. They can be very cheap to produce and you can keep tweaking them to find the right message. The radio ad you run this week can be better than the one you run last week.


Fred Catona was so experienced in the science of radio marketing that he’d be able to write a radio ad in his head.

If he were writing a radio ad for Kevin Harrington, it might go as follows. “I’m Kevin Harrington from the ABC hit show, Shark Tank. I have invested in dozens of companies and I might invest up to $150K in yours. First, I would like you to have my free report, which will show you how to get more customers and leads. To request the free report, call 1-800-MOREMONEY.”

The above contains all the proven elements of an effective radio ad. It has a trusted endorser in the form of ABC. It promises a big gain in the form of the $150K investment. Finally, it has a free offer.

Once you know this proven format, stick to it and watch the money roll in. Fred Catona tested it many times and it went through the roof.

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