2 Tips For Smoother Business Relationships

In any business, there are going to be personality clashes.

You will have disagreements with your partners, staff, clients and customers. People may get exasperated or frustrated with you, or you with them.

The smart business owner knows how to tend to their business relationships so that they prosper and don’t wither and die.

In this video, filmed at the Platinum Mastermind in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, Rene Kamstra gives you 2 tips to keep your business relationships running smoothly.


Tip number 1 is to show appreciation when someone does something good for you.

Don’t do it in a superficial way. Be genuine in your appreciation.

For example, imagine you’re a mother and your child won the spelling bee. One person might simply say, “That’s great!” Another person might say, “Wow, your child must have worked incredibly hard. What an accomplishment! You must be a great mother.”

Can you see the difference between the two compliments?

The little bit of extra energy can go a long way. When someone does something good for you, show them genuine appreciation rather than a few trite words. Don’t just stop at a compliment but do something nice for them in return.


Rene Kamstra knows that some of the things she says are not going to resonate with some of her audience. She’s fine with that, because it’s just her opinion.

Understand that everyone is going to have a different opinion to you. Sometimes, your customers and clients are going to have one idea and you’re going to have a different idea.

Either you can take the attitude of, “I know I’m right!” and try your hardest to convince them of your own opinion, or you can agree to disagree and move on.

If you have a fight with your husband or wife, you can either choose that winning the fight is more important, or you can choose that keeping the relationship intact is more important. In either case, the fight is going to look very different.

It’s the same with your customers, clients and team members. Decide that keeping those relationships intact is more important than being the “winner” of the disagreement.

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